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Japan Desk

The Japan desk of GAYN India has partnered with Global Japan AAP Consulting to provide  comprehensive support for business development in India, tailored to the scale of entry and various business phases, for individual entrepreneurs, early-stage venture companies, and large listed companies. Togethere we offer unique services. Additionally, there are many bilingual staff who can handle English and various languages spoken in India. Through our offices in four states across India, we have built a wide-ranging service provision infrastructure covering the entire country.caters specifically to the needs of Japanese companies. It serves both; those already involved in Indian business, and those considering future investments in the region. A Japanese liaison within the desk acts as a vital link between Japanese corporations and local experts in India. This allows for smooth and efficient communication and problem-solving for any challenges that may arise.

At GAYN India, we offer a wide range of services to all our clients, including Japanese businesses. Our Japan desk maintains smooth communication and coordination between our two countries.


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